Nathan Schepers

My name is Nathan Schepers, and I am a software engineer.



I've spent the last 15+ years in software, with my most recent focus in Python/AWS/RESTful APIs. The most recent projects I've built have been in Flask, and I'm comfortable working in Django as well.

I've used PostgreSQL with SQLAlchemy, and I've used Redis as a persistent session store and cache. I'm comfortable modelling real-world problems in RDBMS's and am growing my ability to work in NoSQL.

I am a strong advocate for automated unit, integration, and end-to-end testing, and have successfully championed CI/CD initiatives in past organizations.

I've been using Linux on the desktop since Slackware 0.99. I'm currently using Ubuntu 18 as my development environment, actively using virtual environments as well as virtual machines as appropriate.

I administrate my own servers in AWS, using EC2 and S3, and I am comfortable using Ansible for the automation of cloud-based administration tasks.





  • 15 years experience in private business and NGOs
  • Qualified leader, mentor, software engineer, and quality advocate with experience in many programming languages and environments
  • International experience and exposure gained in Canada, USA, Bulgaria, Romania, and Italy


  • 5+ years in IT leadership
    • Planned and managed an $8M deployment/integration project at a major telecommunications company
    • Provided technical product and team leadership on a €500K Google grant project
    • Provided technical leadership to teams of quality assurance analysts, deployment engineers, and software developers
    • Provided team and technical leadership to distributed teams with members in Canada, Germany, Romania
    • Consulted with small businesses/startups on operational and technical problems, provided training and mentoring to junior developers
  • 10+ years in software development and systems administration
    • Perl/Python/PHP/JavaScript
    • Java/C/C++
    • REST API design and implementation
    • SQL
    • Data modelling
    • PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, other RDBMSs
    • Redis
    • Continuous integration/delivery tools (cvs/git/jenkins/travis-ci)
    • Security/Cryptography (PGP/SSL/Tor/VPNs)
    • Virtualization (Virtualbox, VMWare, Vagrant, Docker)
    • Cloud computing (Amazon AWS, MS Azure)
    • DevOps automation (Ansible)
    • Linux/BSD systems administration
    • Network administration

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Amazon Web Services, Ansible, Backend Development, Django, Django REST Framework, Flask, Git, Gunicorn, JavaScript, Jenkins, Linux, Microsoft Azure, MySQL, Nginx, PostgreSQL, SQL, SQLAlchemy, Security, Test-Driven Development, Vagrant, Virtualenv, uWSGI

Joined: April 2019