Full Stack Engineer (Strong Python)

Squash is a new SaaS service focused on helping software developers to innovate more by saving time when dealing with test environments. Our service fully automates the deployment of test servers by creating disposable virtual machines per branch of code, removing all the hassle of managing your own test environments.

Our mission is to continue innovating by bringing services to automate the testing phase of web apps, bringing more time to software developers and improving the quality of their work and workflows.

We are looking for Full Stack Engineers with experience in Python, cloud based services like AWS and web application development. This is a full-time remote position, we accept applications from anywhere in the world.

We use GitHub to manage tasks and code reviews as well as tools/services like Celery, React, Travis-CI, Docker, Sentry, Browserstack, Stripe and Redis. We are constantly seeking the best tools available for our development team.


* Implementation of new and exciting features for Squash, these will be used by developers like you around the world

* Help fixing bugs and eliminating technical debt as needed

* Maintenance of our test suite and code base

* We take quality seriously and you should expect to follow standards such as PEP-8 and good software engineering practices.


* Strong hands on experience with Python, and at least one Python web framework. Django experience is a big plus.

* Experience building and deploying services on AWS is a big plus.

* Experience with a modern Javascript framework. Experience with React is a big plus.

* Track record of delivering completed projects, preferably web-based

* Good SQL knowledge and databases, PostgreSQL is a plus

* You should be very familiar with Linux

* Understanding of code best practices and standards. We also expect that you follow PEP-8 style guide and use tools like Pyflakes and Pylint very often

* Experience writing Python test cases is a plus.

* Easy-going personality. You will actively participate in design discussions and code review

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Please send a resume to careers@squash.io

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Posted: Sept. 12, 2018

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