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Python, Crypto Finance/Trading: Creating a server with QuickFIX Wrapper, wrapping WSS and REST Market Data

Looking for a Python developer with FIX experience or skill. Developer will need to connect to several FIX API's with different API Specs, and build a robust internal communication system (probably using JSON) between two servers. One server will send/consume WSS Websocket and REST data market data as well as FIX Trade data. That server will need to be wrapped in QuickFIX. The other server will send/consume FIX data only, but will need to be wrapped in QuickFIX as well, and need to be able to communicate with the other internal server.

As this is a remote job, timely, regular Git commits will be expected and regularly reviewed until completion of the project.

Skills: Python, FIX API experience, JSON or other internal python server communications of your choice.

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Send a copy of your resume, and briefly describe any experience with FIX API's. Send to

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Posted: Oct. 8, 2019

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