Sr. Computer Vision Engineer

We’re looking for a Sr. Computer Vision Engineer with experience in:

* Advanced object detection in complex scenes
* Collecting and annotating image data
* Designing, building, training, testing and deploying models with Tensorflow & Python

Applicants should be:
* Able to translate business requirements into technical specs
* Able to bring creativity to the decision-making process
* Able to work efficiently in a startup environment
* Able to guide stakeholders on best practices

The role will be focused on:
* Developing Computer Vision models that tightly integrate with our mobile app
* Improving the confidence and object detection capabilities of our existing models
* Creating new computer vision models for additional object detections
* Creating a scalable computer vision training pipeline

Our ideal candidate will have experience with:
* Launching and maintaining production Computer Vision models
* Building high volume Computer Vision endpoints
* Writing clean, efficient Python and Tensorflow code

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Posted: March 9, 2019

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