b2b, b2c hybrid shopping cart with tight inventory control

I want to get a custom b2b & b2c hybrid ordering system developed . The system will have upto four b2b user types/level and permissions based on user level.

The main features required are tight supply chain with some kind of blockchain tech to check product quality throughout the supply chain upto b2c sale

The system has to be implemented as a private saas system where different type of users can register , example manufacturer , wholesaler, retailer etc.

All users will have different dashboards depending on their user type this can be done by using routing .

I want the system in Django framework .

This is only a small project which we are getting developed as a pilot. The real project will be much larger in scale and detail and will require blockchain programming.

I want good python developers to work on this simple project . You should have very good knowledge of python, django , SQL, orms etc.

The backend in production will be postgresql but for development of concept you can use Mysql

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Please apply by sending me an email with your project portfolio and experience details.

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Posted: April 27, 2019

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