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HIRING REMOTE Sr. Data Engineer


By optimizing data models, you’ll enrich the team’s understanding of how we acquire users, how users engage, and how we can most quickly identify new opportunities to grow our businesses.

You’ll work with a variety of technologies on a day-to-day basis, including Redshift, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elastic MapReduce (AWS), ElasticSearch, and Hadoop. If you want to lead data engineering for multiple high-traffic, growing digital businesses, this is the job you want.


  • At least 20,160 hrs of hands-on experience in ETL & Data engineering, managing data at scale, specifically with distributed systems
  • Expertise in Python and SQL
  • Strong Linux skills and experience
  • Experience with machine-learning infrastructure
  • Expertise in data normalization and how usage of such things can impact performance positively and negatively
  • Familiarity with Redshift, PostgreSQL, Redis, Elastic MapReduce (AWS), ElasticSearch, Hadoop, Apache, Spark, and PrestoDB

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Posted: Oct. 8, 2019

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