Data Internship: Engineering, Training Novel ML Models, NLP

CodistAI: Build an AI that serves developers

CodistAI is looking for a very motivated intern for at least three months. We are working on the cutting edge of science and creating solutions to what was thought hard problem: creating ML that can learn from code.

We apply NLP, Non Euclidean,  and Casual Modelling tools and techniques on novel datasets to bring value to a high expectation population: developers. 


 What you will be doing

- Work on gathering, parsing, and creating novel datasets that do not exist

- Train Cutting Edge NLP and Graph-Based models on the data

- Interpret results.

- Parallel Training using packages like Ray on top of Libraries like Transformers from hugging face.

- Contribute to Open Source projects (We are an Open Source company largely!)

- Ideating (at least once a week) on ambitious algorithm design that can potentially change the face of an entire field


What are we looking for

- Sharp mind

- Proficient with Python (Having a real passion for programming will matter)

- Previous exposure with DL libraries and methods (TF, PyTorch, NLP, Graph-Based learning... The more the better 

- Strong fundamentals of computer science (Information Theory, Complexity Theory, Logic, Discrete Math, Algorithms...)

- Knowhow about the cutting edge of Data Engineering (Parallel processing, Dask, Ray, etc.)

- A graduate or post-graduate degree in the related field is good to have

- AWS Knowledge is a plus




Desired Skills

How to Apply

Send  me your resume and a cover letter (if possible GitHub links are welcome) at

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Posted: June 9, 2020

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