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Data Engineer

We create software that puts users in control over their online browsing experience. Our products, such as Adblock Plus, Adblock Browser and Flattr, help sustain and grow a fair, open web because they give users control while providing user-friendly monetization. Our most popular product, Adblock Plus (ABP), is currently used on over 100 million devices.

Our multi-cultural team wants to change the Internet for the better, and you can become an important part of it. We offer a competitive salary and flexible working hours. We trust our employees and believe in their ideas.

eyeo is headquartered in Cologne, Germany with satellite offices in Berlin and Malmö. However, much of our team works remotely — and so can you.

Job description

Data is insight. As a continually expanding company with desktop products reaching 100 million users, a growing audience on mobile, and a newly acquired system called Flattr, we work on the entire data pipeline — from making data sources available to providing analysis and extracting insights.


  • Build a data self-service platform without cloud services; migrate the existing infrastructure into that platform
  • Automate manual labour of Data Scientists, keep them happy and fast
  • Develop, improve, integrate, monitor and maintain existing data and pipelines
  • Uphold best practices on how to keep data processes maintainable
  • Combine insights from data with a strict privacy approach

What we expect

  • Advanced Python skills
  • Experience with Relational Databases (e.g. PostgreSQL)
  • Comfortable with the Linux command line
  • Experience in backend architecture
  • Able to solve complex tasks without much supervision
  • Some knowledge of Ansible, Airflow, R, understanding how web servers and browsers work is a plus

Other than the technical requirements above, we need you to be part of the team by bringing creativity to the table, having a problem-solving attitude, being a team player and last but not least, understanding the requirements at hand and explaining your solutions.

Desired Skills

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Posted: April 25, 2019

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