Back End Developer, Web Scrapping, Data Science

Pathfinder is an innovative career intelligence tool. Simplicity combined with the power and data quality of expensive financial platforms. Pathfinder will accompany users through the defining years when deciding, planning, competing, and realising their career paths, as well as developing and progressing in their chosen fields.

Pathfinder has partnered with major data providers to complement our product, we are also part of Microsoft’s prestigious BizSpark Plus Program. We have raised seed funding and are fortunate to have prominent professional advisors on board. We tested our initial product with users in November and we are ready to continue to the next stage of product development.

Pathfinder is looking for a bright and experienced Back-End Developer with a hunger to create and develop a global product. The developer must be ready to take a range of responsibilities involving all stages of the software lifecycle.

Required Experience:
- Fluency in Python / Django
- Web scrapping technologies (including Scrapy and
- PostgreSQL and MySQL
- Elastic Search
- Git
- Data science practice- dealing with messy data, creating and working with databases containing millions of records, and generating automated tests

Desired, Not Necessary:
- Keras, TensorFlow, Caffe, or mxnet
- Program asyncronous and/or multiprocess code

The successful candidate will join an intimate and high-achieving team as a core, founding member. Emphasis will be given to adherence to deadlines, efficiency and effectiveness when producing work, and consistent dedication to produce output.
This opportunity has no limits in terms of progression and development.

Please do apply to find out more about the role and the firm.

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Posted: Dec. 3, 2017

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