Imbellus Senior Software Engineer (Platform)

As an Imbellus Platform Engineer, you will define the project’s technical framework. You will own designing, building, and maintaining fluid communication between the project’s backend channels. You will hold the company’s big picture goals in your mind and create a scalable plan for the project’s architecture that serves the company’s long-term success. Your proactive thinking and technology expertise will help us ensure that our innovation exceeds all expectations.

What you’ll be doing at Imbellus:
Partner with our Lead Platform Engineer and build our server architecture; author relationship between client, server and database
Integrate gameplay into server architecture
Work with big data: tracking, conditioning, translation, real-time processing and storage
Optimize systems' performance
Hold the vision for scaling the product in future
Developing and/or integrating security solutions

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Posted: Jan. 26, 2019

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