Data Scientist

Data Scientist Position Available May 2018

We're looking to expand our machine learning capabilities, primarily to introduce better matching and recommendation tools between users on our platform and leverage our large dataset to target our marketing efforts as well.

Minimum Qualifications:

Experience or a strong interest in Natural Language Processing, Classification and Linear Algorithms

Design and implement new predictive machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms

Strong understanding of the foundational concepts of machine learning and artificial intelligence

Conduct exploratory data analysis and visualization

Strong proficiency in Python, R and/or SQL fluency preferred.

An ideal candidate has a strong statistics background and experience building, deploying, and evaluating ML models in production. You’ll be our first senior data scientist hire working full time exclusively on with a junior data scientist, dev intern and the engineering team.

About GuruSnaps

Think "HomeLight" for business owners.

GuruSnaps allows entrepreneurs to rate, review & engage professionals who can help buy, sell or fund a business.

It’s as easy as checking online reviews for a restaurant before you commit to a reservation, and it offers a quiver of inbound marketing tools to help financial services professionals promote themselves authentically and attract today’s suspicious consumer.

Desired Skills

How to Apply

If this sounds like you we'd love to hear more. Send your Linkedin profile, resume and quick note to and we'll reach out to connect!

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Posted: Jan. 11, 2018

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