Senior Software Engineer (Remote)

Full-time, Remote, Async, Flexible Hours

Annual Salary: $90k USD

You will be responsible for working on the backend services at PhotoCircle, which are used to power all applications and store customer data.

Our stack makes use of Python, PostgreSQL, HAProxy, Envoy, Nginx, gunicorn, gRPC, gevent, Redis, TimescaleDB, Grafana, and many other technologies and services, including services we’ve written ourselves.


  • Developing new APIs for our mobile and web applications
  • Maintaining existing services built on gRPC, gevent, and gunicorn
  • Debugging problems across our stack, including logs from various servers such as HAProxy and Nginx
  • Crunching data and feeding results to services used by our sales and marketing teams
  • Building APIs and services used by our enterprise customers


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please



  • Exceptional ability and experience in Python development, including recent versions.
  • Experience working on customer-facing systems, where external users and customers are depending on reliability.
  • Strong knowledge of testing and QA practices for APIs and services. An ideal candidate will be familiar with mypy, tox, pytest, and similar Python testing systems.
  • Ability to work within Linux, including socket programming and an understanding of common tools like top, df, grep, du, iostat, netstat.
  • Strong understanding of software engineering and computer science principles, especially for the creation of efficient and maintainable data structures, and the design of highly concurrent programs.
  • Fluent written English communication skills


  • Experience with PostgreSQL, including an understanding of its different indexes, internal statistics tracking, and transaction IDs.
  • Experience working with AWS systems and resources.


  • Experience with gRPC
  • Basic web programming experience
  • DevOps experience - Ansible, GitHub Actions, Continuous Integration
  • Understanding of SOC 2 compliance

About the Company

PhotoCircle is a private photo and video sharing service used by millions of consumers and businesses. The app allows users to create private albums, called Circles, and selectively choose who can join. The app is available on iOS and Android, with web usage currently limited to business users. Consumer usage is primarily comprised of college students, travel, and social events in the US. The PhotoCircle for Business Platform, launched in 2022, targets industries selling physical goods and services – home construction, solar installation, fashion, travel tours, food & beverage distribution, and more – allowing them the ability to manage their users and circles at scale. The app has 66k ratings, averaging 4.9 stars on the Apple App Store, and ranks in the top 50 of the Photo & Video category. Users praise the app for its simple, consumer-focused design, allowing them to easily stay connected with the people they care about.

We are a small, experienced, distributed team that operates asynchronously over Slack, Notion, and Figma. We do not do calls or Zoom meetings. You can work your own hours, from anywhere, as long as the work gets done. We are highly agile, frequently shipping code to production.

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Posted: Feb. 11, 2024


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