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We’re looking for talented Python engineers to partner with amazing product companies to work as part of a small team. We regularly partner with Y Combinator & other well funded product companies that place a high value on engineering. Strong communication and documentation skills are needed as this is a fast paced engineering environment. At least 4 years of Python experience is required.

We are a hiring platform for engineers by engineers and have a client that is looking for remote Senior level Python contractor to start quickly.


  • Fluent with both verbal and written English
  • Relevant code samples we can review (or a willingness to complete a 6-8 hour code challenge)
  • 40 hours per week of availability starting July 9th
  • Mid-Senior or Senior level Position (4+ years of professional experience)
  • 4 years of Python experience (in production)

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Posted: July 7, 2018

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