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Senior Python developer with enterprise software experience


Senior Python Developer with experience in shipping cloud-native enterprise software. This position is remote.

Job Description

We are looking for a superstar Python developer with experience in building enterprise-grade SaaS who would like to take on the challenge of working in the domain of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and natural language processing.  

  • Be able to write production-quality and maintainable code
  • Comfortable with jumping into different parts of the stack to push product features to the finish line  
  • Quick prototyping skills with emphasis on re-using the existing APIs and libraries as much as possible
  • Independent and self-motivated with minimal supervision working remotely
  • Fluent in developing enterprise software products in the cloud 
  • Starting on a contract-basis and depending on the quality of the work and fit with the team, there is opportunity for becoming part of the core team with earning equity in the company 

Required Skills

  • Python: especially with libraries for data science, NLP and ML
  • Experience in preparation of data for analytics (filtering and joining) in Python
  • Experience in Elasticsearch
  • Experience in web services in Python (development and deployment)
  • Experience in Azure or GCP cloud platforms (deployment, maintenance)
  • Experience in web servers and security certificates

About Inventurist

Inventurist is a startup with the vision to harnessing the power of artificial intelligence technologies for good! We are a passionate team of industry veterans with extensive experience in building enterprise software using AI.

At Inventurist, we believe that AI is the next step in technological evolution that will bring the cost of building and launching new products close to zero! This will make new products and solutions accessible to people everywhere and will improve the quality of life for all. Our platform automatically generates product-market intelligence by continuously analyzing large volumes of textual data.

Desired Skills

How to Apply

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Posted: Nov. 13, 2021

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