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Monetate is built on the principle that all people are different and that a customer-centric perspective will outperform a “one-size-fits-all” approach. Our SaaS platform uses machine learning/artificial intelligence to enable world-class brands to deliver relevant, personalized experiences to all of their customers across all of their channels (web, mobile, in-store, etc.), in real-time, and at scale - we served more than two billion personalized experiences over Cyber weekend alone.

Our Product Engineering team is a passionate group of engineers, product managers, and UI/UX designers. We work closely together to build complex products and features that are driven by a highly usable, marketer-friendly interface. We encounter a lot of difficult and fun challenges involving machine learning, statistics, data visualization, real-time decisioning, user interface, and plenty more.

Monetate has offices located in NYC, Conshohocken, PA (just outside of Philly), Palo Alto and London and we focus on hiring the absolute best talent by welcoming remote employees as well.


  • First and foremost, an owner: you pick up whatever comes your way and see it through by either completing; coordinating; delegating; or, by proving to stakeholders that it's not worth the time/cost/risk, removing the work.
  • A collaborator: you understand that software is bigger than one person/team/department, and that the best results come from working closely with others.
  • A questioner: you ask “why”, dig for context, and rely on data to inform decisions.
  • A learner: you are curious, interested, engaged, and always aiming to improve.
  • A mentor: you lead by example, set the bar high, and then help build others up to it.
  • Oh, and an expert of the craft: You build POCs, internal tools and production systems that strike the appropriate balance of time/cost/security/performance/scale/maintainability; and you know when, why, and how to make these tradeoffs.


  • Drive the completion of large features and new systems from design through delivery and improvement
  • Write simple, well-structured, well-tested, extensible, reusable code using primarily Python, Django, Druid, and SQL (tied to a React-driven UI)
  • Share subject matter expertise through 1:1 guidance, documentation, or presentations to help other engineers improve their ability to work independently
  • Collaborate on roadmap and planning efforts by providing estimates and pushing back on requirements which are impractical or ineffective
  • Learn how to build highly scalable ML/AI products
  • Ship code to our production environment on a regular basis


  • Experience developing high-volume, high-availability SaaS products
  • Expertise with advanced mathematics, statistics, and the use of large data sets
  • Expertise building applications with modern front-end tools such as React or Angular
  • Experience creating new, complex products, as well as navigating existing codebases
  • Contributions to Open-Source Software


We’re relentlessly customer focused: Everything we do, we do to make things better for our customers. We innovate and continuously improve. Better products. Better service. More Value. Repeat.

We’re here to win: We lead in a market that never stops moving. We have the courage to commit, to make tough decisions and when we need to we turn on a dime.

We love this stuff: We hire smart, fun, talented people who want to make a difference. We’re building the world’s most amazing team of personalization zealots.

We’ve got each others backs: We value candor, appreciate diversity and insist on respect. We’re here for each other. Every day. We win as a team with a shared spirit of optimism.

We’re owners and we act like it: We take initiative, act with urgency and are accountable for results. We’re all engaged.

Integrity is non-negotiable: Our customers, suppliers, partners, stakeholders, communities and competitors can all trust us to do the right thing. No BS. No exceptions.


  • You’ll get to work with a very talented and passionate team of personalization zealots
  • We pride ourselves on upholding a respectful and supportive environment; if there's something you need to get your work done, well get it for you
  • We understand that everyone is different. We have flexible hours, no dress code, and you're free to migrate between dedicated desks (standing desks available), private rooms, open lounges with couches, or even the lawn to get your work done
  • You'll never go hungry – we provide catered lunch and tons of snacks
  • 12 weeks of fully paid maternity leave and 4 weeks of fully paid paternity leave
  • Full benefits, 401k, and stock options

Monetate is an Equal Opportunity Employer. We consider qualified applicants for employment without regard to race, religion, color, national origin, ancestry, age, sex, gender, gender identity, gender expression, sexual orientation, genetic information, medical condition, disability, marital status, or protected veteran status.

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Posted: April 29, 2018

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