Data Scientist / Machine Learning Engineer

Joust is a venture backed startup with a mission to make finances easier for freelancers and entrepreneurs. Given the state of banking in the US, it's a serious challenge. But with an amazing team and a revolutionary product we are making a serous dent. As a risk expert at Joust you will be at the core of the solution and your actions will have direct impact on our customers' lives and livelihoods.

The role requires you to:

- Be a team player.
- Embrace the startup lifestyle (both the upside and downside).
- Thrive in uncertain fast-paced environments.
- Be courageous in diving into greenfield problem sets.
- Take action with minimal directions.
- Own your domain and be assertive.
- Be thoughtful, analytical, and open minded.
- Maintain subjectivity.

You will report directly to the CEO and COO.

What you will do:

- Drive innovation for the risk industry through analytics, data science and test-and-learn.
- Assist engineers in creating tools and processes to monitor the effectiveness and impact of our risk systems.
- Design, develop and deploy large scale, big data-driven machine learning models that are integrated with key product features. Some examples of potential projects include:
- Look-alike modeling algorithms that determine a user’s propensity to take an action in the future.
- Multivariate testing framework that empirically evaluates the efficacy of product enhancements as quickly as possible.
- Collaborate with Engineering, Product, and Analytics leads to establish analytic standards and platforms that scale and can be leveraged in various initiatives throughout the organization
- Ensure that testing and validation is a pervasive component of data science and machine learning solutions

What you should have:

- Knowledge of advance quantitative techniques and a rigorous, data-driven approach to problem-solving.
- Experience in risk modeling or economic analysis.
- A degree in computer science, statistics, econometrics, operations research, mathematics, data science, engineering, or a related quantitative field of study.
- Comfort with complex technologies and a conceptual grasp of systems engineering.

Although we prefer our team to reside in Austin TX, we will gladly accommodate remote work. The Joust team is proud of our varying backgrounds, education levels, and world views. We value diversity and prefer nonconformists.

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Posted: June 30, 2019

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