Senior PyData Software Developer

Quansight - Austin, United States

We are looking for enthusiastic and highly motivated software developers with extensive experience in the Scientific Python and PyData ecosystems to help support Quansight’s…

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Data Science Engineer Team Lead


Purpose: To lead a growing team, focused on building scalable data tooling, data science infrastructure, and user-facing visualizations to democratize data access across our gr…

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Python and Django back-end developer-remote

ExecutiveSurf - London, United Kingdom

You will be working on core web application development, utilising the latest technologies in a progressive Agile environment. Restrictions Telecommuting is OK No Agenc…

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System Administrator and Developer

Engineering Institute of Technology - Perth, Australia

Development, support, and management of EIT’s digital suite. Managing and supporting the IRIS Invigilation business. IRIS is an automatic facial detection pla…

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