Senior Python Developer


We are working on a world-class cyber security monitoring product and we are currently looking for python developers to develop backend components for our product. Each componen...

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Python Course Instructor

DataCamp - New York, United States

*Please note that this is a part-time, contract position.The days of learning data science by passively consuming video lectures are over. Real learning takes place when a stude...

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Software Engineer

THORN - San Francisco, California, United States

Thorn is searching for software engineers to join our engineering team to help build technology to defend children from sexual abuse. The team’s current areas of focus include h...

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Data Scientist

GuruSnaps - Boston, Massachusetts, United States

Data Scientist Position Available May 2018We're looking to expand our machine learning capabilities, primarily to introduce better matching and recommendation tools between user...

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Backend developer

VYNG - Santa Monica, California, United States

Vyng is transforming how conversations start on mobile. We’re adding a Senior Backend Developer to our incredible team. Will own development for our backend services. Projects w...

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Machine Learning Engineer

Atori - Copenhagen, Denmark

If you are passionate about AI and want to make something interesting in your life - join us.Your responsibilities are: - Develop NLP systems that help us structure and understa...

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Data Scientist (Sr.) - Remote OK

Doximity - San Francisco, California, United States

This job is open to applicants residing anywhere within the United States and Canada.Doximity is rewiring healthcare and is the 6th fastest growing technology company in North A...

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Python Full Stack Developer - Brooklyn, New York, United States is building software that puts online content in its true context. We are looking for a full stack developer who understands that misinformation on the internet is ...

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Machine Learning Engineer

Remy - New York, New York, United States

Ideal Skills-Data Science + Statistics expert -Experience building systems based on machine learning and deep learning methods -Proficiency working with complex data sets and so...

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Creative Data Scientist

To Play For - Oxford, United Kingdom

If you are a fan of literature, games and TV series like Stranger Things, and are looking for an exciting role in the next generation of machine learning, NLP and storytelling, ...

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Senior Data Scientist

ViewX - New York, New York, United States

We’re a fast-growing tech company using advanced machine learning to unlock the value of digital video across the internet. We’re already working with several of the world’s big...

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Data Scientist - Remote Work & Gigs

Agency Enterprise - Los Angeles, California, United States

Seeking: a data scientist or statistician who wants to work remotely and is looking for extra, paid projects part-time or on the side-2+ years experience -10-40 free hours per w...

Posted: May 23, 2017 Save Job

Machine Learning, NLP Software Engineer

Cue - Seattle, Washington, United States

Cue is looking for a passionate and talented software engineer with a strong machine learning background to expand our state-of-the-art conversational intelligence platform.Our ...

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Machine Learning, NLP Software Engineer

PixoMobile - Seattle, Washington, United States

We are hiring a software engineer position dedicated on developments of machine learning and nature language processing.Compensation$70K – $100K 0.05% – 0.25%

Posted: May 14, 2017 Save Job

Python Software Developer

Snap Out - Guildford, United Kingdom

As a software developer at Snap Out Limited, you will work to help us with the creation of new digital products. You will be working directly on product development, prototyping...

Posted: May 5, 2017 Save Job

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