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In 2018 Horizons introduced two Python/Django based web applications to support and enhance our position in the asset tracking market spaces. We are seeking a Python/Django developer to help us bring feature development/support in house and help us develop applications to enhance our internal business processes. You would join our current IT team which includes two PHP developers, a X++ developer and two sys admins.

Specific responsibilities include:

Lead the development of our web-based applications (Python/Django) and their mobile apps. Add new features and seek to understand how our application is used and propose features that profitably improve the application (i.e. balance of the cost (time) of adding a feature with its impact on profit). Maintain the application’s AWS back-end (Dev Ops experience a plus) to ensure maximum availability, security and performance. Make changes directly in database when required. Participate in the development of other internal business process applications such as quoting systems, production systems, web to ERP/CRM interface, etc. Assist in product demonstrations and user support. When the Python/Django Developer is doing a great job, he/she …

Develops an understanding of our businesses – how we make money and how the various departments within Horizons work together to fulfill orders from sales lead to product shipment. Takes on total ownership of the application. Meaning development budget, manage timeline and ensure the product’s features/functionality meets user expectations. Considers how the application interfaces with other internal/external systems (ERP, CRM, etc.). Codes for permeance. Prioritizes activities that impact profit and putting quick/easy tasks that will have an impact ahead of complex/long tasks that may have a larger impact, but longer or uncertain payback. Exhibits urgency around active customer requests or issues in production (ready-to-do-business) vs. future feature development. Takes risks but learns from them. Follows best practices for programming – creates code bases that are documented and repeatable. Uses Horizons’ established systems for file sharing and project tracking to communicate progress to the rest of the organization. Can be trusted with sensitive company information/intellectual property. Advocates for the company. Asks questions about features and priority – works with the team and supervisor to ensure effort is spent in the right direction. Checks work and tests against how programs function with any upstream/downstream systems.


  • Telecommuting is OK
  • No Agencies Please



Has owned a product through inception to launch and subsequent releases/maintenance. Python with Django AWS Database/SQL Preferred: VCS/Git Mobile app development preferred

Horizons Incorporated is an Equal Opportunity Employer M/F/Disability/Veteran

About the Company

Who We Are/What We Do: Horizons Incorporated is a medium-sized technology company comprised of five commercially independent divisions. We help our customers track their assets (equipment, property, etc.) to comply with regulations and improve efficiency. Our products include a combination of labels, software and services.

Our clients are in industries with expensive and/or critical assets such as military, aerospace, transportation, energy and healthcare. Headquartered in Cleveland, OH, we do business all over the world and have additional offices in Cincinnati, OH, Bristol, UK and Melbourne, AU. We currently have 185 employees and are growing.

Our Culture: We were founded in 1946 by a scientist and maintain a culture of curiosity, collaboration and support. We tend to work more like an entrepreneurial start-up than a large corporation - meaning we offer the freedom to try new ideas and lack the structure/rules of a big company. We have no dress code, competitive benefits and a modern office space.

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Posted: March 26, 2019

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