Infrastructure Tools Engineer, Python

Work from anywhere -- 100% REMOTE -- with the underdogs that challenge assumptions and have fun doing what others say cannot be done!

Be a part of the AI revolution on a team of wicked-smart engineers that are using the most robust data source in existence (???) to solve hard problems.

Right now, we are scouring the entire U.S. for our next teammate, a INFRASTRUCTURE TOOLS ENGINEER who possesses wicked-sharp skills in Python, and is capable of building 'One Click' infrastructure solutions that automate, optimize, monitor, deploy and maintain critical data and services.

“We want someone who can code up simple services on the fly. Every engineering task should be one button. Disaster recovery should be one button. Deployments should be one button. Ours is a target rich infrastructure environment. Hard code to cold metal. You gotta own it!"
- Lead Python Engineer, HiringSolved

Always be in beta! Deploy on the daily! Get ready to go from zero-to-plaid speed in a live code production environment.

Your Mission:
* Automate! Automate! Automate!
* Build tools that are 'one-button' solutions for a variety of critical tasks
* Build distributed systems with interfaces that monitor performance and detect for vulnerability
* Deploy and maintain our developers' code
* Keep loads optimized and balanced
* Manage Docker and Kubernetes
* Upgrade ElasticSearch
* Troubleshoot issues. Figure it out. Solve the problem.

Skills & Experience:
* Background in DevOps: hard core automation and optimization skills for everything infrastructure, code-to-metal
* Background in software engineering with 5+ yrs coding in Python
* ElasticSearch
* MongoDB
* Docker & Kubernetes
* Linux
* Networking
* Disaster recovery >> Have a good disaster recovery story?
* Data security; stays on the cutting edge of trends and best practices in data security.
* Education in hard sciences (i.e. mathematics, physics or astrophysics)

Don't miss out on the AI revolution!

This is your opportunity to blaze the trails on a new frontier by taking an active role in creating powerful new technology that moves the human race forward.

Build the beast. Slay the giant. We are HiringSolved.

Now is the time. You in? Prove it!

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Posted: Oct. 7, 2018

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