Site Reliability Engineer (Europe remote)

At Gorgias, we’re making customer support software to help companies deliver great customer support at scale.

We’re building a helpdesk which aggregates customer communications from email, Facebook or chat. We make integrations with 3rd party software to show all the customer data in one place.

We've been around since 2015 and at this moment we have over 1000+ paying customers including Stripe, Fjällräven, Timbuk2, and Adoreme. We’ve raised $3.4m so far and we have a recurring revenue growth of over 15% MoM.

We're looking for talented and motivated site reliability engineer to join us remotely from Europe (we need people in a different timezone that PST).

The Site Reliability Engineer (SRE) position at Gorgias is a member of the engineering team whose primary goal is to ensure the reliability, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness of our production infrastructure.

While these responsibilities are shared with the entire engineering team, SREs build and maintain the portions of our stack that ensure the entire team can confidently ship software day in and day out. They complement other engineers with their deep knowledge of the fundamental pieces of technology that underpin our production infrastructure. The SRE team are our in-house experts on building reliable, maintainable systems and they are responsible for setting the direction that determines how we go about constructing and deploying our production environment.

## Our stack

- Langs: Python3 and Flow.
- Libs: Flask, SQLAlchemy, Marshmallow and Restless for APIs, React/Redux for the UI. Flask-socketio for websockets.
- DB: Postgres, Redis.
- Task Queue: RabbitMQ + Celery
- Hosting: Google Cloud Platform (we run on Kubernetes)

A more complete list of our Stack:

## What will you do if you work with us

- We build and maintain the fundamental infrastructure that runs Gorgias.
- We write software to automate, and introspect our production systems.
- We spend 50% of our time writing tools and backend systems.
- We share a 24x7 on-call rotation with the other engineers.
- We teach other teams to reliably and cost effectively operate and maintain their services.
- Take proactive steps to improve our availability, reliability and efficiency.

## You should join us if you care about

- Building quality software for customer support agents and improving the overall experience for the end customer. Enough with shitty customer-service!
Setting up alerts, monitoring and have a fanatic persistence about it.
- Scaling systems for reliability and performance.
- Moving fast and hacking which translates to Trying, Failing, Refactoring, Testing, Profiling and Debugging the living shit out of our code while most importantly Shipping fast!
- Being a great team player and enabling other people in the team with your skills and jokes.

### A big bonus for us would be if also like:

- Solid experience with Kubernetes.
- PostgreSQL or RabbitMQ in-depth knowledge.

## Benefits

- Included a powerful workstation/laptop.
- Home office sponsorship.
- Visa sponsorship and expenses.
- Competitive salary.
- Included lunch/transportation.

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Posted: March 2, 2019

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