Django Developer - Contract - Part Time

The Python Software Foundation is hiring for part-time Django Developer on contract basis to support in the maintenance and development of our Django deployments including and

Breakdown of responsibilities will vary based on specific project or feature but will include a mix of:

  • Backend Development and Testing (Python, Django)
  • Frontend Development (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript)
  • Foundational Work (Bug and Issue Triage, Pull Request and Change Review, Communication, Documentation)

Projects will range in size and complexity, coordinated and supported by the Python Software Director of Infrastructure. Projects may include:

  • Triaging and categorizing existing bug reports, feature requests, and pull requests
  • Maintenance, refactoring, and cleanup of existing codebases
  • Development of new tests for functionality
  • Development of completely new features

Contract is expected to have a 9 month term with $30,000 USD budget providing 8-12 hours per week of availability on average. Scheduling will be flexible based on contractor availability. No additional benefits will be provided.

Role is open to applicants from all countries. Regular overlap in availability with US/Eastern timezone is preferred to facilitate collaboration with managing role.

This role is posted for immediate fulfillment. Screening and interview will begin the week of August 24, 2020 and continue on a rolling basis until the role is filled.

When applying please reference "Django Developer - Contract - Part Time" in the subject of email to

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Posted: Aug. 22, 2020

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