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TiiQu is a blockchain based platform creating a digitalized professional passport. Our aim is to enable globalized collaboration by removing the guesswork and assumption about an individual's claims. Join our Telegram to know more https://t.me/joinchat/Fue6ixG1M_H3CFPY5sLfxA

White Paper: https://github.com/TiiQu-Network/TiiQu-Network/wiki/White-Paper

Who we look for
In our pre-ICO phase we look to collaborate remotely with a part time DJANGO DEVELOPER Developer who will contribute significantly to build our Alpha
After ICO ( April 2018) we may agree for a full-time position.

Your Role
Django Developer
Your Mission
You will create the infrastracture fot the connected trust sources..
- Integration of django allauth and writing django apps for several providers.
- Support the development backend and frontend infrastructure in Python Django with Python Django templates

Your Contract
This is a 2 month freelancing contract meant to go from the current stage of development to the Alpha . After this initial contract, a position as core Team Member will be discussed.

Skills required
OAuth experience

Why joining
If you are ambitious enough to help us reshaping the way people will interact and collaborate in 21st century, we look forward to exchange with you!

Things to know
We are now 16 people, most of us work from remote on a part time basis. We meet on Slack at least once a week to update the others of our progress, we all want to make it possible for every skilled individual on earth to access and opt for rewarding and meaningful working opportunities on meritocratic basis.

Please note that any pre-ICO collaboration is remunerated in the native currency Q. This means that you would be able to monetize your reward just after the ICO (April 18) .

Look forward to hear from you !!

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Posted: March 7, 2018

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