Django + GraphQL - Real time recipes and automatic grocery shopping

We are looking for a backend engineer to join our team. Our app is called Cooklist and it shows you recipes you can cook with the food in your home. It connects to 80 major retailers like Walmart, Kroger, Amazon, etc and automatically downloads every purchase made in store and online. It then uses natural language processing to classify each product to recipe ingredients.

Your role will be to design, build and maintain our backend infrastructure for downloading purchases from stores, matching the purchases to recipes and serving the mobile apps through a GraphQL API. We have 1.3 million recipes and almost a million products so there is a considerable challenge matching products to recipes, showing users the right recipes at the right time and returning quality search results.

You can set up local project in one line with docker-compose. The app is already live in staging and production on digital ocean with automated deployment and testing is setup with Travis CI.

Here are some of the first projects you will work on:
- Database architecture
- Admin interfaces
- Improved Search (using PSQL right now but want to move to dedicated search engine like Elasticsearch)
- Async and scheduled tasks with Celery
- Send notifications to mobile apps
- Personalized feeds
- Comprehensive Logging

Tools we use: Django, GraphQL, Celery, Postgres, Docker, Travis CI, Github, DigitalOcean, fastText, Graphene, Mailgun

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Posted: April 1, 2018

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