Senior Software Engineer (Python)

Coins is looking for experienced software engineers across the stack to join our rapidly scaling FinTech company. We are looking for engineers that can help us develop new products, scale our existing systems, and create meaningful user experiences. Coins is a company founded by software engineers and accordingly we have strong engineering principles in the very DNA of our company. We are actively seeking the best talent in the world and offer a variety of working arrangements.

Who we are looking for

  • 6+ years of relevant experience as a Software Engineer with a strong team
  • All kind of testing (manual, unit, functional, integration, performance, load)
  • Set up a testing framework from scratch
  • Technologies to know: Go/Python(Python mainly), Redis, Postgres, Docker, Kubernetes
  • Experience with Agile Software Development
  • Ability to follow Micro Service Oriented Architecture (pros/cons)

Good to have

  • Python (Django/Vanilla)
  • Aware of design patterns(Gang of Four patterns, Testing patterns, Anti-patterns)
  • Team/component/project lead experience
  • A well-maintained Github profile with samples of your prior work. Relevant open-source commits or other public work vetted by developers online is a big plus
  • Experience in building easy-to-use consumer products
  • Experience building FinTech products or other financial systems
  • Experience working in a remote team
  • Relevant Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Computer Science or related technical discipline from a top global University
  • Technologies we used
  • Go and Python as main Programming Languages for the majority of our backend services
  • Terraform to manage AWS and treat Infrastructure as Code
  • Helm as Package Manager for Kubernetes allows us to have decent contract between Product Engineering and SRE team
  • Kubernetes is enhanced with Monitoring(Prometheus), vertical and horizontal pod auto-scaler, network security policies
  • Storage Layer is implemented on classic solution with PostgreSQL
  • Kafka is taking its place in Event/Message bus
  • Redis as a cache
  • ClickHouse as a log storage
  • Ansible for automate of routine tasks

We offer

  • To be an important part of the development of a cool mobile application
  • Team with professionals. Our guys are the best at their work
  • Career and professional growth. It means that we invest time and money in your career(IT conferences, courses, training, software - all that you need for good work)
  • You can be sure that in our company a warm welcome awaits you. Our HR Team and your Team Leader can help you to be a part of Coins
  • Remote work. You may work from home or the beach. No matter. The main thing is the result
  • Flexible vacations

Desired Skills

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Posted: Sept. 24, 2020

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