Anthony Okwuba

Current Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Languages: English

Joined: May 2023

Timilehin Oladejo

Data Scientist

Current Location: Ile-Ife, Nigeria
Languages: English
Skills: Big Data, Data Science, Keras, Pandas, SciPy, TensorFlow

Joined: May 2023

nikoloz Gobejishvili

Current Location: tbilisi, Georgia
Languages: English, Georgian, Russian
Skills: Backend Development, Django, Frontend Development, Fullstack Development, wxPython

Joined: May 2023

Plabon Datta

Software Engineer

Current Location: Dhaka, Bangladesh
Languages: Bengali, English, Hindi
Skills: Backend Development, Celery, Django, Django REST Framework, Git, Linux, MySQL, Pandas, PostgreSQL, REST, Redis, Selenium, Web Development, wxPython

Joined: May 2023

Ahmet Faruk Yilmaz

Current Location: Istanbul, Turkey
Languages: English, Turkish

Joined: May 2023

Stefano Olla

Current Location: Cagliari, Italy
Languages: English, Italian
Skills: Cryptocurrency, Frontend Development, Git, Pandas, REST, SQL, Selenium, Test-Driven Development, Web Development

Joined: May 2023

Los Angeles Logo Designs

Digital Design Agency Los Angeles, CA

Current Location: Los Angeles, United States

Joined: May 2023

Jason Tyson

Senior Full-Stack Engineer

Current Location: Inglewood, United States
Languages: English

Joined: May 2023

David Romero Rodríguez

QA Analyst / Data Analyst / Developer

Current Location: Cerdanyola del Vallès, Spain
Languages: Catalan; Valencian, English, Spanish
Skills: Backend Development, Docker, Flask, Git, Heroku, Keras, Matplotlib, MySQL, NumPy, Pandas, PostgreSQL, PyQt, SQL, Selenium, TensorFlow, Web Scraping

Joined: May 2023

Sandra Lorena Cardona

Systems Engineering with a Master's in Artificial…

Current Location: Melbourne, Australia
Languages: English, Spanish
Skills: Amazon Web Services (AWS), Artificial Intelligence, Backend Development, DevOps, Flask, Linux, Pandas, REST, SQLAlchemy, Tornado

Joined: May 2023

Santiago Iturriaga

Adjunct professor/Researcher

Current Location: Montevideo, Uruguay
Languages: English, Spanish
Skills: Docker, Linux

Joined: May 2023

Eliakim nyawinda

Current Location: Nairobi Kenya, Kenya
Languages: English, Swahili
Skills: MongoDB, NumPy, SQL, Selenium

Joined: May 2023

Kevin Dongmo Fofack

Current Location: Niamey, Niger
Languages: English, French
Skills: Backend Development, Django, Django REST Framework, PostgreSQL, PySide, RabbitMQ, ReactJS

Joined: May 2023

niloofar salemabadi

python backend web developer

Current Location: shiraz, Iran, Islamic Republic of
Languages: English, Persian
Skills: Celery, Django, Django Channels, Django REST Framework, Git, JavaScript, Linux, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Redis

Joined: May 2023

Richard Han

Current Location: La Habra, United States
Languages: English
Skills: Django, Docker, FastAPI, Flask, Fullstack Development, GraphQL, JavaScript, ReactJS, Redux, TensorFlow, Vue.js

Joined: April 2023

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