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Senior Software Engineer

The mission at Satoshi Energy is to enable every electric power company to utilize bitcoin in order to accelerate progress toward a world with decentralized sound money and abundant sustainable energy. The company was founded in 2018 on two premises: 1) energy companies will leverage bitcoin mining to support investment in low cost sustainable energy, and 2) energy companies operating in 24/7 power markets will benefit from 24/7 real time financial settlement. Today, we are a market leader connecting nearly 2 gigawatts of renewable energy assets with bitcoin mining data centers under novel contract structures while building a suite of tools to enable energy companies to transact in bitcoin. In the future, we envision every kilowatt-hour streamed to an energy consumer will be settled instantaneously with a payment streamed to the energy producer.

As a Senior Full Stack Software Engineer, you will join a small, focused team of bitcoiners, engineers, finance experts, and energy experts. Your goal will be to deliver value to our customers, implementing solutions across the stack by writing and maintaining infrastructure-as-code, backend code, and frontend code. Additionally, you will work across the organization to help us be forward thinking and anticipate customer needs. As we grow, you will be instrumental in helping to build the engineering team and build a more decentralized and sustainable future.

Primary Responsibilities

  • Work alongside fellow engineers and designers to architect and build bitcoin based financial applications for the energy industry.
  • Work within complex systems to create smooth user experiences that get the customer's job done.
  • Focus on the core logic, design, implementation, scalability, and performance of a system from cloud infrastructure to front-end.
  • Be an expert at creating and managing databases, integrating data systems, logging systems, caching systems, and ETL pipelines.
  • Collaborate and effectively communicate with the sales, development, and operations teams to determine the needs of a project.
  • Write business logic across the whole tech stack, including API-based customers.
  • Build novel solutions for a new sector of energy financial services.


  • Minimum 7 years experience programming, ideally within the energy or financial sectors.
  • Demonstrate expert understanding of Python, TypeScript, SQL, Docker, and Bash.
  • Have practical experience with React, GraphQL, CSS, and Next.js.
  • Familiarity with PostgreSQL, Google Cloud, AWS.
  • Experience with infrastructure-as-code solutions such as Pulumi or Terraform.
  • A demonstrable track record of successfully building back-end systems and user interfaces for software applications.
  • Self motivator with the flexibility and willingness to work on various initiatives simultaneously.
  • Pushes the boundaries of what is possible (first principles thinker) and takes initiative on new tasks.
  • A winning mindset where you show up to work focused and prepared.

Desired Skills and Experience

  • Obsession with bitcoin, the bitcoin mining industry, and energy markets.
  • Experience with the Bitcoin and Lightning Network protocols is a strong bonus.
  • Expert understanding of multiple programming languages such as Go, Rust, and C++.
  • Experience successfully leading software development teams and projects.
  • Knowledge of security best practices, applied cryptography, and performance trade-offs.

Company Culture

  • We are free thinkers, we believe in meritocracy, we challenge assumptions meticulously, and we don’t get overly emotional if we’re wrong.
  • We believe in providing freedom and responsibility to foster a growth culture based on trust, transparency, and teamwork.
  • We encourage each other to seek discipline, balance, and fun in all parts of life, so that we can always perform at our best on the job.
  • We are a distributed team on a mission to build decentralized global power markets. You are welcome to work remote or join the team in Austin or Houston, Texas.

Desired Skills

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Posted: Aug. 11, 2023


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